EPISODE 1 | August 24, 2020

UV - Uly Villamin

BE - Bro. Eli Soriano

UV: Hi Everyone. Good evening to the people in the western hemisphere and good morning to the people on the eastern side of the world. Particularly, the Philippines. We are coming to you live. This is the premiere episode of the Unheard Truth from the Bible. We are coming to you live via or you can hear us, you can download the app in your Appstore and in your Google PlayStore. This is the premiere episode and we’re very excited. Thank God for this another opportunity to share His words with all the people around the world. And we are very lucky to have our resource person for today, and I will introduce him to you a little later.
But first, I want to give you the things that you can expect from this podcast. So, this is a religious podcast like you’ve never heard before. We will discuss the authentic teachings and the undefiled doctrines of our Lord Jesus Christ. And, I’m pretty sure, you’ve never heard this kind of podcast before. Wherever you are, wherever you live in the world, I’m pretty sure, you have not heard a podcast like this. This will be an eye-opener for everyone. That’s why we are so glad that we were able to put up this podcast, with no less than the Philippines no-nonsense preacher. He is the host of the longest-running religious program in the Philippines, a multi-awarded preacher, he’s well-respected around the world. But through all the accolades and achievements, he simply wants to be called Bro. Eli Soriano. Good evening Bro. Eli.

BE: Good morning, or whatever time it is in your place, it is our pleasure to share with you the teachings of the Bible as the title of our podcast has it, “The Unheard Truth from the Bible.” Bro. Uly has been with us in my preaching activities for the last 24 years, more or less. He preferred to call this program “The Unheard Truth from the Bible” because I’m pretty sure that; what he heard from the Church of God, he did not hear from those religious denominations all over the world. Because we were traveling, we have reached many places in the world because of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have watched programs on television. We have heard radio programs alleging that they are preaching the truth. Brother Uly, what really brought your mind into calling this “The Unheard Truth in the Bible?”

UV: Just a little back story for everyone. I used to be a Catholic. I was baptized as a Catholic and I grew up as a Catholic but I was never really a religious person. Sometimes I would go to church sometimes I won’t. And then, fast forward to when I was like 25, that’s 1997 Bro. Eli, or 1996, when I heard Bro. Eli preaching on television. I noticed something different. Right at that moment, I asked my brother to bring me to where they’re holding the Gatherings with Bro Eli speaking. So, we went there. The first time I saw him I saw him or I saw you, Bro. Eli, the first time I heard you preaching I already learned a lot of things that I have never learned in my entire life being a Catholic. So…

BE: In fact, you also studied in a Catholic School Bro Uly, eh?

UV: That’s correct, Bro. Eli. I graduated from an exclusive Catholic School. I heard a lot of things and I told myself there are things that have not been heard by the people that they must hear, because that concern salvation. And it’s very sad that a lot of people don’t know what I’ve heard from you when I first heard you. That’s why when we were …

BE: Like, something that you heard when you first asked me a question: “Is it true that God is not everywhere?” It’s one thing you haven’t heard, yeah?

UV: Yes, Bro. Eli.

BE: Like, those things, things like that. And other things which concern the general faith of almost all Christian religious denominations believing that nothing is impossible with God. Something like that, huh?

UV: Yes, Bro. Eli.

BE: And how do you …? Have you understood those things and it lingered in your mind up to now, that’s why you entitled this program as “The Unheard Truth from the Bible?”

UV: Yes, Bro. Eli. Because, like what I said, a lot of people were taught differently from what we have learned from listening to you. Every day, we see people doing the things that were taught to them by their preachers, but we know in our hearts, as we learned from you that those things that they are practicing are not biblically correct including “God is everywhere,” which we learn that God really is not everywhere, if we are going to talk about biblical sense.

BE: Something like also “nothing is impossible with God”, something like that.

UV: Uh-huh.

BE: But those are not biblical teachings. You have understood that those are not biblical teachings.

UV: That is why, when we were coming up with a title for this podcast, we came up with “The Unheard Truth” that people need to know, especially in this podcast realm or World. A lot of preachers here in the podcasting Universe are spreading lies, deceit, in order to …

BE: Or other things, maybe we can say misinterpretation of the scriptures.

UV: Yes, Bro. Eli.

BE: Or abusiveness in the scriptures. Like, something I heard from somebody (saying) “The covenant that the Lord Jesus Christ brought to earth is a greater covenant than the first covenant. So, a greater covenant is accompanied by greater offerings.” In the Old Testament, if the offering is 10% because Jesus Christ our Lord brought a better Covenant with better promises, they interpreted it to be carrying with it greater sacrifices and offerings. Meaning you have to spend a greater amount of money than it was (done) in the Old Testament. These are the lies of Pastors in our times and I’m pretty sure that people will not agree with us at once (will not initially agree with us). But, Bro. Uly, our request or our desire is for them to not just judge us (to not be quick to judge us).

UV: … be quick to judge us.

BE: Yes. But try to investigate, something like there are things in the Bible, which I have asked most pastors who cannot understand, who cannot answer the question.
I have found a book in the Bible which can be considered the 67th book of the Bible and I’ve been asking religious pastors and members, asking their leaders but they do not know how to answer.

UV: And that’s another reason why we came up with this podcast. Because every time we have our gatherings, we learn new things from the Bible that God is giving us through you. So that’s every time every prayer meeting, if we have worship Services every Saturday and then we have our Thanksgiving, we always learn something new from the Bible that other people who are not in our church, who are not members of our church, (they) don’t know that, Bro. Eli.

BE: It may be offending to them, but we can prove it. And they can prove it to themselves if they have really learned it. Like mistranslations of the Bible which no one pastor dare to explain, a mistranslation of biblical terms like the book in Psalm 68:18, which says something, for me, when I first read that verse, I’m not convenient … my feeling was that I was not content with what I read. Because the verse says he has ascended on high … “Thou hast ascended on high, thou hast led captivity captive: thou hast received gifts for men; yea, from the rebellious also, that the Lord God might dwell among them.” Imagine, that the Lord God might dwell among the rebellious, God received gifts from the rebellious people. When I read this verse, I thought something is wrong with this verse. I tried, at that very moment, to refer or to consult most of the Biblical translations. And all of those translations speak the same. which I feel is not correct. It’s wrong. This verse in the Bible is even used by preachers to receive money from anybody. Because the verse tells “for the rebellious also”, “God has received gifts from the rebellious also.” In fact, a religious group in the Philippines collects money from everywhere, from marketplaces, in corners of streets, in busy avenues in the Philippines, boarding a bus, public utility vehicles, etc., to ask for gifts. And it is not different from any religion that when you enter their Chapel, and attend their services, while they do not know you, Bro. Uly, they will bring the offering box. They will collect it from you. Even if you are a guest in their worship service which, for me, is wrong, very, very wrong.

UV: Why Bro. Eli.

BE: Because the Bible does not say so. Maybe this is our … this must be our way of treating the Bible. First, let us respect the Bible because as everyone acknowledges or every pastor says, the Bible is the word of God. But I do not believe so. One thing (reason) we are different from everybody else.

UV: Wait a minute, Bro. Eli. So, Everybody is saying that the Bible is the word of God and you just said that you do not believe so.

BE: Yes.

UV: Can you please clarify that for us?

BE: There are words of God in the Bible, but not the entire Bible is the word of God as other preachers say. And in fact, they are using a verse in the book of Timothy, “every scripture inspired of God” … making it appear that every scripture IS inspired by God. But I do not believe so. All these things we are going to explain in this program, there are many scriptures. There are even scriptures that were sent to the Thessalonians in the first century. To say that all the scriptures are inspired by God is a gross mistake. That’s why when they read it in the Bible, they consider it as inspired scripture. It is scripture. I will read one in scripture in the Bible, which I do not say (is) inspired. Why? In 22:15 of the Book of Job, let us read.

UV: Hast thou marked the old way which wicked men have trodden?

BE: According to this verse the old way or the old path in other translations, we can read many, as many translations as we have, but it says that the old way or the old path was trodden by wicked men. That’s why our enemies of faith are using this verse because (one of) our program(s) is entitled The Old Path, The T.O.P. Channel, the TOP Channel, The Old Path Channel in English, El Camino Antiguo in Español, or O Caminho Antigo in Portuguese, Ang Dating Daan in Tagalog which is incidentally the longest-running religious program in the Philippines and maybe in other places of the world. I have been the host of that program for the last maybe 40 years with God’s help. Now, there are enemies of faith that use this verse to attack our program the old path or the old way. I’m particularly careful in considering the verses of the Bible before drawing a conclusion from it. But there are people, there are pastors that use all these pronouncements found in the Book of Job regarding (them as) inspired scriptures, but I do not believe so. And we will prove that to people that not everything you will read in the Bible is inspired scriptures. In fact, God has warned people of old not to add to the scriptures in our times. In the Book of Mark, 20 verses were added which are not found in the original manuscripts or in the old manuscripts of the Bible. From Mark 16:9 to Mark 16:20, it is absent in manuscripts like the Codex Sinaiticus which is 1700 years old. And that particular manuscript there in the British Library in London, I have seen it personally when I went to Britain and I have proven it by myself because I have acquired a photocopy of that particular manuscript. I have found out that really, verses 16:9 to 20 of the Book of Mark are not present in the old manuscripts of the scriptures.

UV: But how come Brother Eli that they were able to add this portion?

BE: Everything is possible with men, especially with Liars. They can do whatever they want. It is the opposite of my God, which I know. Not everything is possible for him.

UV: But do you have proof that this is actually not inspired?

BE: It’s not inspired and we will tackle this. Imagine, there are … from (Mark) 16:9 to 16:20, practically about 12 verses, and all these verses are wrong. They are wrong. We can enumerate the things contained in those verses to prove that they are wrong. They do not coincide with the other truth of the scriptures, of the real Holy Scriptures.

UV: Is this the verse that includes “Before you judge others.”

BE: No, no. These are the verses that are the bases of Pentecostalism. Sadly, it is being used by most Pentecostal churches now as the basis of what they are doing their Church. Like, “these signs shall follow them that believe in my name. They shall cast out Devils. They shall speak with new tongues. They shall take up serpents. And if they drink any deadly drink it shall not hurt them and they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” This is believed by even the most educated of American pastors. Don’t you know that in the United States so many pastors, more than a hundred of them have died holding serpents, intentionally holding serpents? They have died because of snake bites because they believe in these verses which are not inspired by scripture.

UV: That’s why it’s very dangerous, Bro. Eli, for people to believe somebody who’s preaching but doesn’t have that full understanding of the scripture.

BE: Yes. We can say that they preach things that they do not know themselves. Like, (it is) what is written by the Apostle Paul in Timothy chapter 1 verse 7. Let us read that.

UV: The book of 1st Timothy Chapter 1 verse 7, “Desiring to be teachers of the law, understanding neither what they say nor whereof they affirm.”

BE: Presto. So, you cannot just trust preachers? You must not just believe preachers because there are teachers deciding just to be teachers of the law where in fact they are not. Because teachers of the law must be appointed or sent by God. But there are those who are “desiring to be teachers of the law understanding neither what they say nor whereof they affirm.” Things that they tend to defend in debates just like “We are saved by grace alone, by faith alone without the works of the law.” They are speaking ignorantly when they say that it is not necessary to do good works. They are stupid. It is stupidity. And it is very prevalent in most churches today. You do not have to do any good work? You just have to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and then you are saved. “Faith alone saves, grace alone saves,” these phrases pronounced by preachers in our times are lies. They do not conform with the context and the texts of the Bible. That’s why I believe, in our podcast, just be patient, brothers, and sisters, we will prove to you what the Bible says. There are those who are desiring to be teachers of the law, but they do not understand what they are saying. And it tends to mislead billions of people in religion. Those are the consequences of hearing and believing in preachers who speak out of ignorance. Let us read, Bro. Uly, 10:2 and 3 of The Book of Romans.

UV: The Book of Romans chapter 10 verse 2, “For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God but not according to knowledge,” Verse 3, “For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.”

BE: This is a very simple statement from the Apostle Paul. “They being ignorant of God’s righteousness. They have the zealousness to serve God.” That is what is sad. Verse 2 tells us something cannot be easily, maybe, accepted by other religious groups. But it is the authentic part of the teachings of the Apostle Paul, which the Lord Jesus Christ told him and taught him. “I bear them record that they have a Zeal of God, but not According to knowledge.” For they being ignorant, being ignorant of God’s righteousness and going about to establish their own righteousness, their own reasoning, their own churches, their own theology, their own religion, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God. It is Heartbreaking for me.

UV: So, does it mean, Bro. Eli, that even if somebody has the zeal or the passion … can we call it a passion to preach God … It doesn’t mean that he is of God?

BE: There are those who think that they are of God, the scribes and the Pharisees think so. In fact, they were against the Lord Jesus Christ when they heard truths in Christ unheard before. They accused the Lord Jesus Christ of destroying the law of Moses because they heard something new from the Lord Jesus Christ, which they have never heard before. And it might also be the consequence of the title of our program, The Unheard Truth. The first time they hear what we are saying, it might cause doubts in their minds, to close their computer or their cell phone, and not hear us anymore. But be aware, brothers and sisters, there is a way for you and for us to discover the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In the book of First John chapter 4 verse 1, Bro Uly, if you may read.

UV: First John chapter 4 verse 1, “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”

BE: It’s very clear. Believing Is something very delicate. We should not just believe, brothers and sisters. The word of God tells us “beloved believe not every spirit.” So, believing is not as simple as what we have known in the past. Believe not every spirit but try the spirits. We have to try first the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets are gone out into the world. And this is a warning from God himself and from the Lord Jesus Christ as well, that it might mean our destruction and perdition if we believe in every Spirit. That’s why the instruction is to try the spirit. Try us, brothers and sisters. If you are accustomed to believing or listening to Pastors in America, in Europe, those well-known pastors of our times, I will tell you something. I’m not judging them, but I have heard them. They speak so many lies. They misinterpret verses of the Bible. That is their way of preaching, to perverse the word of God, to use the word of God to fit their liking and they’re thinking, even if it is taken out of context. Like, First Corinthians 9 says that “he who preaches the gospel shall live by the gospel.” It is one of the most misinterpreted verses in the Bible. They always conclude that the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live off the Gospel. So, they derive from the gospel everything they need, even the cigarette that they smoke, even the money they pay to clubs, cabarets, and hotels where they bring their mistresses comes from the gospel. Because they interpreted this verse (as) those that preach the gospel should live off the Gospel. But we have a different idea coming from the context of the entire scriptures itself. There are so many things to talk about Brother Uly. And I’m talking like this now because this is the Premier episode of our program. I want to invite the meticulous attention of people, considering that it is not true that God is everywhere. It is not true that everything is possible with God. If you read in the Bible that everything is possible or nothing is impossible with God, then maybe you have read a mistranslated verse in the Bible.

UV: That’s where the wisdom that is given to a man of God comes in to play, Bro. Eli.

BE: I cannot deny, that I cannot deny that the wisdom is given by God to a man of God in order to discern which is the truth. Whether it be translated carefully or not or the translators just used … just like those translators that translated the Bible giving the name of God in the form of Jehovah. All Bibles using the form Jehovah, the translators that translated that Bible, giving the name Jehovah to God, is a liar. He did not speak of the entire truth. If you acknowledge God with the proper name Jehovah, then the translator and the preacher who taught you (are) 100% wrong. And we have to discuss these things. And many, many more things in the scriptures, that I think will invite the meticulous interest and thinking of our listeners or, on the other side, maybe they will not listen to us anymore. But you see, you have to try something new. Maybe that something new is the original something. It’s just new to you, but it can be the original.

UV: And like what you said brother Eli, do not judge us. Give us a chance to prove to you.

BE: Prove us, prove us. Try the spirits, as the word of God said, try the spirits whether they are of God. Why? Because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Are we not forewarned by this? Many false prophets and there are also false Christs that will arise. So, the word many imply that if we are going to investigate, (treat) almost all of them as false prophets. And include us on those prophets that you are going to try, brothers and sisters. Try us, do not just judge us because we are speaking of hard truths in the Bible. Ask your preachers now, all over the United States of America. Ask any preacher in Europe. Do you know the 67 books of the Bible? Because almost all denominations now say that there are 66 books of the Bible, in our present Bible.

UV: I’ve never heard of any preacher Bro. Eli saying that there’s another book besides the 66 that they already know.

BE: There is. I can prove it without the shadow of a doubt that there is, as I called it the 67th book present in the Bible. But I have not heard it since I was a teenager. I got interested in religion because I was then, when I was in 3rd year in high school, I became the president of the student council.
That is in Quezon City, the capital city of the Philippines now. One of the schools there, I studied High School in that school. I became the president of the student council, and because I am not Catholic, every Thursday, there is a Catholic priest that teaches the students of our school. Every protestant, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Etc., Muslims may go out of the schoolroom while the priest is teaching. There I encountered so many people, co-students with different beliefs. Because we are not Catholics we go out of the room where the priest is teaching and we talk there outside the room, along the corridor of the school. I have met Jehovah’s Witnesses. I have made Seventh-Day Adventists Protestants, etc. Etc. There’s where my interest in the word of God was awakened. Hearing many contradicting doctrines, stories, Etc. Hearing that the real name of God is Jehovah, while others say the name is Yahweh and so on and so forth. From that time on, in my teenage years, I developed that interest, concentrating on studying the Bible. And I have found the truth, I believe. This is not to … people say modesty aside, I do not use the words modesty aside. With all modesty intact in the sight of God, I am saying what I have discovered in the Bible, were oftentimes not noticed by great religious pastors. We have so many great religious preachers. I have heard the preaching of … maybe I can mention names because it is not my intention to attack them. I can … I have heard … I will just say or mention persons who are now dead. Without any intention of defaming or disgracing them, I’ve heard Billy Graham, I have heard Morris Cerullo preaching, I have heard the founder of the Church of God In America, Herbert W. Armstrong. I have heard his son, his son founded another church, other than the church founded by his father. and his son is … I forgot the name, but he’s also Armstrong. I have heard them. Garner Ted Armstrong. You see, these are great preachers acknowledged all over the world. And some also now still living and are believed by millions all over the world. But I am very sorry that I have found teachings from these people do not really conform with the spirit of the truth in the Bible. I’m inviting listeners in this podcast to please join us. This is just our Premiere episode. Maybe, you are thinking why Brother Eli speaks like this? I do not even want to be called a pastor or reverend pastor or an apostle or those titles normally used by every other preacher.

UV: And that’s actually what I was thinking to ask you in the beginning. Of all the preachers that I saw and heard I think nobody compares to the wisdom that God has given to you. And if there is somebody who’s, shall we say, worthy to have a title or to be called reverend or whatever the case may be, I think it’s you.

BE: No, no Bro. Uly. Definitely not. Why? Because you see, it can easily be solved. We’ll solve it in this program. I do not want to be called beloved pastor, reverend pastor, an apostle or other titles which people use, very reverend cardinal, reverendissimo, etc., etc., most holy father … You just think Bro. Uly, the Father in Heaven is called by the Catholics as Father. When they pray the Our Father, they used the prayer taught by the Lord Jesus Christ …(singing) Our Father which art in Heaven … Our Father which art in Heaven. They called the Father simply Father. Why is it that they call the pope in Rome their Most Holy Father. Do you think it is right? It is simply like that. While you call the father of the Lord Jesus Christ as Father in the prayer Our Father, why do you address the Pope in Rome as the Most Holy Father? I believe there is something not biblical in that. Just like … whenever you introduce me or I introduce myself to people, I am simply Brother Eli or if they do not dare call me brother, you can just say Mr. Soriano or Soriano or Eli.

UV: You also don’t want to be called Sir. Correct Bro Eli?

BE: Yes, I do not allow people to call me sir. Because we have to know what is the meaning of the word sir? One of the twenty-four elders that sit around the Throne of the Majesty in heaven … there are 24 Elders there. One of them was called by John as sir. And I do not want the title to be used on me. Because I am not in the level of those 24 Elders in heaven called by John as sir. Let us read 7:13 of the Book of Revelation up to 14, Brother Uly.

UV: Revelations chapter 7 verse 13 and 14, And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, what are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they? And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest.

BE: Sir, thou knowest sir. John addressed one of the 24 Elders as sir, translated in almost all Bibles as Lord. The Greek word used conforms with the word Lord, Kurios, or Kyrios implying supremacy, authority. The 24 Elders are 24 Lords or 24 sirs. Now you are going to call me sir. Am I in the level of those holy beings around the Throne of God. So calling me sir is against my conscience because I am not in the level of those people or those being seated in front of the Throne of God. Another thing. Why do I reject being called pastor, reverend pastor, Etc.? Because that title Pastor belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ. And we will prove that, that it belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ. While you may act and function as a pastor, the title belongs to Christ, not to you. Let us clear that in other edition or an episode of our podcast. Especially using the word reverend pastor. The word reverend was used in the Bible only once in the King James version. I reiterate only once in the entire King James Version of the Bible. The word reverend is used only once or on only one occasion. And it is used to describe the name of God, not the name of any human being. 111:9 of the book of Psalms.

UV: Psalms chapter 111 verse 9, “He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant forever: holy and reverend is his name.”

BE: The name of the Lord God Almighty is Holy and Reverend. The Bible uses the term only once. We ask the help of the computer, Bro. Uly. Let us Search the word reverend in the Bible. In what verse or for what intent it was used? What does the computer relay to us, Bro? Uly?

UV: Searching the word reverend using the search engine in the Bible, we came up with one answer, one word.

BE: Only once, it was used, and that is the very best you read a while ago. “Holy and Reverend is his name.” The name of God is Reverend, why Bro. Uly, if you are going to think, why will I use it in my name?

UV: I’ve never heard you use any adjective …

BE: Or adjective phrase to define my person, no. It is better for me to be called just like, just only brother or if something even lower. I prefer it, if you can use a lower degree of maybe honor, I prefer that because in the Book of Luke chapter 17 verse 10, let us read.

UV: Luke chapter 17 verse 10. So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, we are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do.

BE: It’s clear. The Lord Jesus Christ is speaking to his apostles who are the apostles. They are great men, Bro. Uly. They resurrect dead people, they cure every type of sicknesses and diseases, the power of the apostles were never given to anybody else, Bro. Uly. From the time of Moses up to the time of all the prophets, and in the time of the first-century Christian era, only the apostles received the powers they had. But the Lord Jesus Christ talked to them, “likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, we are unprofitable servants.” Why are you going to apply to your name the word reverendissimo? Very reverend, in the superlative degree of adjective and adverb? Why are you going to use that if you conform with the idea of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are an unprofitable servant? I am useless. I am nothing. So, I do not want to be called sir, I do not want to be called reverend pastor or all those terms they are using to call their pastors.

UV: And the sad thing, Brother Eli, is a lot of them are using that word.

BE: It is their honor. It is an honor for them to do something which is “vergonhoso” in Portuguese. It is their honor to do something which is shameful. Shameful, let us read, 3:19 of the book of Philippians.

UV: Philippians chapter 3 verse 19, “Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.”

BE: Imagine, people whose glory is in things shameful, their god is their belly, their glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things. They are after honor, power, money, riches, everything that the Bible disapproved of a preacher. That is it, Bro. Uly. That’s why I never allow anybody to call me sir, or anybody to call me reverend pastor or reverend something or even an apostle. That is the spirit of John the Baptist, the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the spirit of practically all men of God, to present themselves as lowly as can be. Remember John the Baptist saying, “He that comes after me is greater than me, whose latchet of the shoes, I am not worthy to loosen.” He said, “I’m not even worthy to carry his shoes.” He is down to Earth, humiliating himself compared to the Lord Jesus Christ. “He is greater than me,” He said, “I am not worthy to bear,” in Matthew 3:11. That is the spirit of John the Baptist.

UV: And this is another proof, Bro. Eli, that a lot of people today are blinded by these false preachers because never, from what I’ve learned from you, did any man of God, from the prophets in the old times up to the apostles … never did any one of them, correct me if I’m wrong, of course, Bro. Eli, but never did anyone of them think highly of themselves.

BE: No, not one of them. Moses, when he is being sent by God, said that I am not fit for the job to the point that God got mad at him. Because he was insisting that, “I am not an eloquent man. I am not eloquent. I am not good in his speech,” he said. “I am not worthy, send another person,” Moses said. He cannot accept that he is the one chosen by God to liberate the Israelites from the hands of the pharaoh. Even the Apostle Paul, one of the greatest of the Apostles said in the book of 1st Corinthians chapter 15 verse 9, let us read.

UV: 1st Corinthians chapter 15 verse 9, “For I am the least of the apostles, that am not meet to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church of God.”

BE: He is really an apostle. He was called by God and the Lord Jesus Christ to be an apostle. But in himself, he said and confessed to the Christian, “I am the least of the Apostles that I am not meet to be called an apostle.” Why will I now introduce myself as an apostle? Like in the Philippines, they have our Apostle there. In America, there are many apostles.

UV: And yet, Bro. Eli, the people don’t know this because if they know that in history, all the men of God were lowly and humble. They would actually know that these preachers who are thinking highly of themselves and attaching all of these adjectives to their name, that in itself is a red sign that these are false preachers.

BE: Because the people in our times, generally, the entire religious world, look up to their preachers. Because they are “men of God, they have to be looked up to and they have to be respected.” So, it became a normal thing, addressing the pope as “the most Holy Father”, and addressing a cardinal as “his eminence,” addressing people in religion as “beloved pastors,” “reverend pastors,” “very reverend pastors,” “most reverent pastor,” and it is an honor for these pastors themselves. What is shameful in the sight of God is an honor for them. It’s actually the irony of it, the irony of the truth.

UV: Can we say that the LIE became their truth? Because the LIE is …

BE: Lie often repeated becomes truth in the mind of those who were deceived.

UV: So, that’s their truth.

BE: That’s their truth but is not the biblical truth. That’s a Biblical truth. It is a lie in the Bible.

UV: So, this is why we call this podcast The Unheard Truth. Because they believed in a lie, and they made it their truth.

BE: And, It is not our judgment. It is the Judgment of the scriptures that there are people who will believe in a lie. Let us read 2:11 of the book of second Thessalonians.

UV: Second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 11, “And for this cause, God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:”

BE: It is biblical. There are people who believed in lies. And that is because of the delusion in them. And that delusion is caused by their pastors. It is taught them? They were made to accept it …

UV: … as the truth…

BE: … as the truth. But it is not the gospel truth.

UV: Where in fact, it is not.

BE: It is a lie. It’s just as simple as bowing down before an image of stone. It’s a lie, but they are accustomed to that.

UV: They believe in that.

BE: They believe in that, but it is a lie. 1:25 of the book of Romans.

UV: Romans chapter 1 verse 25, “Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.”

BE: Amen. It is a lie that men have accepted as truth. Worshiping creatures, worshipping saints, worshiping Idols, worshipping images, worshiping animals. It’s very prevalent in somewhere …

UV: Some parts of the globe …

BE: They worship elephants, cows, in fact, they do not eat cows, they worship cows because they have changed the truth of God into a lie. It is not worth worshipping a creature. That’s why I hope … we have a long way to go Bro. Uly, to make people hear the unheard truth in the Bible.

UV: The real and authentic truth that God wants …

BE: … people to assimilate.

UV: Not the truth that is being propagated by the false preachers in our times.

BE: Yes, definitely. That’s why it is my privilege and it is my honor to be with you.

UV: The honor is mine, Bro. Eli.

BE: To watch out or to wait for our next podcast.

UV: We will be airing live, God willing, every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time. And we will be discussing those topics that were given to us by Bro. Eli as a preview. We will be uncovering all the biblical truths that were hidden from the people all over the world, that they need to know in order for them to attain the real salvation that they are …

BE: … entitled to. Every person is entitled to God’s salvation, but they are being deprived by pastors. They are being deprived by teachers and leaders of religions. The very will of God is that all men must be saved. First Timothy chapter 2 verse 4, “Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.” It’s the will of God, but they are deprived of their salvation because they are deprived of the truth. They were taught lies, misconceptions, delusions. It is true in almost all religious groups in our times.

UV: That’s why we are inviting everyone to always listen to our podcast every Sunday. And if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, we have the official app of The Unheard Truth from the Bible. It’s available on the iOS App store and the Google Play Store and we will be here every Sunday to entertain your doubts if you have any questions, you can send it to us via e-mail or you can participate in our interactive chat board every episode.

BE: Yes, we are willing to answer them as the question comes in.

UV: And probably next week, if God is willing, we will also open a telephone line for those who are interested to interact with us, with Bro. Eli. To answer all your doubts because we are here to serve you. We are here to clear any doubts that you may be having, that are not being answered to you by your religious preachers or leaders. But unfortunately, tonight Brother Eli, we have to say goodbye because we are already passed an hour. And with that, we want to say thanks to everyone who participated once again, we are grateful to everybody who joined us here in our Premiere episode. Thank you and hope to see you next Sunday in The Unheard Truth from the Bible, because you deserve the truth. Bro. Eli, what’s your parting words for tonight?

BE: It is my privilege and honor and I have to thank God for this opportunity of speaking to whoever is listening to us right now in any part of the globe. With God’s help, we will let you hear things that were formerly unheard, but they are former things, they are in the Bible, 4000, 3000, 1500, 700 years ago, they are in the bible. And I hope that this will be a fruitful podcast, revealing the truth, The Unheard Truth from the Bible. I want to thank God, first of all, all of you, brothers and sisters who spent your time with us. May God bless you all. We wish you a good day.